Christian worship and witness by the Presbyterian denomination has been a part of this region for 150 years. Yet this place has also become a home to many who have moved here in more recent times. Many within our congregation have links of family history that stretch back over generations. Others have moved here from various regions within Australia and from around the world. Read more about our history at this page. We are drawn together by the love of Jesus. As a community of faith we affirm the Bible as our authority for what we believe and how we should live. We also ackowledge the need to encourage and be accountable to each other as we grow more like the Lord Jesus. We meet for simple and reverent worship that is focussed on praising God for who He is and what he has done. Families, singles, grandparents, parents and children all worship and fellowship together. In doing so we believe that we stand in continuity with the historic Presbyterian expression of the Christian faith. Read more about our beliefs at this page. As a community of Christians we express our shared sense of mission in this statement:

Glorifying God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
by growing His family through
Biblical teaching, prayer and loving relationships
locally, nationally,
and internationally.